What is Numbness ?

Numbness is an abnormal sensation felt at some parts of the body. It is described by some people as “pins and needles”, “burning”, “vibration” or a decrease in sensation. The causes of which can be many. One should be cautious of it if the numbness is frequent, persistent or sudden in onset. 

What can cause numbness?

The following conditions are potential causes of numbness:

Peripheral Neuropathy

This disorder is characterized by nerve damage, leading to abnormal sensations or weakness in the affected area.

Cervical Radiculopathy

This condition involves the impairment of nerves in the neck region, often due to chronic wear and tear or degenerative processes.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Similar to cervical radiculopathy, this condition affects nerves in the lower back region and is commonly attributed to long-term wear and tear or degeneration.


Numbness may present as a symptom of a stroke, necessitating prompt evaluation. Typically, it manifests on one side of the body, affecting the face, arms, and/or legs, and often appears suddenly.

Brain or Spinal Cord Tumors

The presence of tumors in the brain or spinal cord can result in numbness due to compression exerted on the nervous system.

It is important to note that this list does not encompass all possible causes of numbness.
A comprehensive assessment conducted by a neurologist is essential for accurately determining the underlying cause and formulating an appropriate treatment plan.

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